1. I used to work at a restaurant in LA, and he would come in every once in a while
  2. After a few visits, I got the courage to talk to him (aka he talked to me first)
  3. He placed his order, and I thought I was being suave by adding a few extra goodies
  4. Fast forward to later on that same day, I went out with a friend and got super sick (from a competitor restaurant)
  5. I ended up going to the hospital with food poisoning!
  6. When I shared that on twitter, @bjnovak DM'ed me that he also got food poisoned that day
  7. but you can probably guess... He got sick from the food I gave him! 🙈
  8. I was mortified.
  9. I moved out of California.
  10. (and yeah ok he didn't almost die, but food poisoning is THE WORST!)