Uneventful Saturdays
  1. Walked puppies and fed them
  2. Ate oatmeal for breakfast
  3. Did some balance exercises
    because dance class is kicking my ass
  4. Showered
  5. Postmated tacos from Los G's for lunch
    because it's only .3 miles away but I couldn't care any less
  6. Started The Loney
    Read good reviews about it
  7. Walked the puppies and fed them
    (I may or may not have caught a Pokemon or two)
  8. Had a chocolate banana PB shake
    to pretend I eat healthy, but let's be real, that thing was all maple syrup and PB
  9. Walked to the gymnasium
    because I watched that Fade vid a few too many times last night
  10. Now I'm slaking at the gym / making a li.st
    because when @bjnovak asks you to do something, you stop everything and do it, damn it