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  1. Adam Scott
  2. Seth Meyers
  3. B.j. Novak
  1. Playing House
    You can definitely tell these too are best friends in really life. My best friend and I act and talk the exact same way and I would totes raise a baby with her.
  2. Rizzoli and Ilse
    I recently texted previously mentioned best friend and suggested we abandoned our future plans and solve murders together instead. She said yes so let us know if you have any murders that need solving.
  3. Gilmore Girls
    Because it's completely acceptable to be best friends with your mom and this show proves it.
  4. Scrubs
    Suggested by   @jonmichaelwxyz
  1. Cookie dough is a completely acceptable breakfast.
  2. Cookie dough tastes best cold.
  3. Cookie dough with pictures tastes better.
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Because coloring is relaxing and sometimes social media is stressful.
  1. I used all my coloring pencils except white.
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  1. There was a bee in my room.
    I killed it but I'm afraid more are going to come/it didn't really die and they are going to be mad at me.
  2. I have a very itchy bug bite.
  3. The wifi is out
    I usually fall asleep to 30 Rock. I guess I'll have to play an audio book instead.
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  1. It all can be traced to 2 Hollywood Reporter round tables I watched earlier this year.
  2. The first is a panel of Tony nominated actors.
  3. Notice the group of 6 white men and Leslie Odom Jr. above?
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  1. A Grey's Anatomy prequel
  2. Ok hear me out here.
  3. It would be set in New York.
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From the year they started. These could change tomorrow honestly.
  1. Bewitch (1964)
    I Dream of Jeanie close second.
  2. Happy days (1974)
    Mostly because I met Henry Winkler and he is awesome.
  3. Cheers (1982)
    Specifically the Diane years. That chemistry is just wow.
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  1. "What decade would you have chosen to be a teenager? I would have chosen 1490's, cause of America was discovered"
    I would choose 2050's because that's when women are supposed to have pay equality. (Sorry to get all political). I would love the 1940's for the films but I don't think I'd last long with so much inequality (for everyone not just women). Also I'm hopping the 2050's have some awesome new gadgets.
  2. "Did you have a favorite age? or month? Like, April when I was seven"
    July when I was 18. My senior year was actually pretty sucky, but the summer before college I got to go to NYC twice and saw 3 Broadway musicals. Also I had all these possibilities in front of me. I was getting ready to start college and was reading Mindy Kaling book for the first time. It was a great month!
  3. "How many pillows do you sleep with at night?"
    Five. 2 for me head, a body pillow, a small pillow that some times gets kicked off but is sometimes between my feet, and a chair pillow thing that is usually out of my way but sometime I press me back up against it. It's really a sickness, don't try to analyze it I want to stay in denial.
  1. Pro:Working in you pajamas!
  2. Con:Having to explain to everyone that even though it's 1 o'clock and you're still in your pajamas you've already worked 4 hours with no breaks.
  3. Pro: No commute
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