I learn by listening which is sometimes hard in the reading heavy courses that are so common in college. Here is how I make it work.
  1. Go to class
    Lots of my friends can miss classes and still do good in the class but if you learn by listening it is important to actually hear the lecture. This makes the reading less important because often it is similar information.
  2. Only take the notes that are necessary
    Some times I go overboard on the notes and miss important things. Taking notes helps me stay focused but they aren't too helpful later on so they don't need to be perfect. It's much more important that I hear what the teacher is saying.
  3. Record lectures
    Recording lectures is like taking notes but better because a you have the exact words the teacher said. I usually make notes of the time when there is something I want to go back to so I don't have to search through tangents or pauses.
  4. Try to get your books as audio books.
    One of my books this semester was Drift by Rachel Maddow. I got it on audible and it has saved my life. Hearing the expression in her voice really helps me understand the content and it just sinks in so much better then if I had been reading it.