Inspired by @nathanielrepay
  1. "What decade would you have chosen to be a teenager? I would have chosen 1490's, cause of America was discovered"
    I would choose 2050's because that's when women are supposed to have pay equality. (Sorry to get all political). I would love the 1940's for the films but I don't think I'd last long with so much inequality (for everyone not just women). Also I'm hopping the 2050's have some awesome new gadgets.
  2. "Did you have a favorite age? or month? Like, April when I was seven"
    July when I was 18. My senior year was actually pretty sucky, but the summer before college I got to go to NYC twice and saw 3 Broadway musicals. Also I had all these possibilities in front of me. I was getting ready to start college and was reading Mindy Kaling book for the first time. It was a great month!
  3. "How many pillows do you sleep with at night?"
    Five. 2 for me head, a body pillow, a small pillow that some times gets kicked off but is sometimes between my feet, and a chair pillow thing that is usually out of my way but sometime I press me back up against it. It's really a sickness, don't try to analyze it I want to stay in denial.