1. "Written in the Stars" Gilmore Girls season 5 episode 3
    I can quote every single line of this episode. Really I did it last night when I couldn't get to sleep. Luke and Lorelai were my first and always OTP. Their first date is the sweetest ever (He kept the horoscope!!!!!!!). Also everyone else is being themselves in the best way. Paris throwing a wake for Asher, Emily trying to out do Richard, Taylor trying to control Luke and Lorelai's relationship. This episode is on point.
  2. "Road Trip" Parks and Recreation season 3 episode 14
    I love Ben and Leslie so much and the sexual tension in this episode is amazing. Then stupid Chris had to come along and shatter are dreams. Of course love prevailed in the end. I also love Ron Teaching the little girl about Libertarianism and the fact that Jessica ST. Clair is in the end of it.
  3. "The Suitcase" Mad Men season 4 episode 7
    I just finished Mad Men and am obsessed with this episode. Bottle episodes are amazing and this one definitely delivers. When I was I kid I was mostly interested if shows for romantic relationship but now I love exploring any interesting relationship. Don and Peggy definitely have an interesting relationship. When he pats the seat near the end to sit next to him and he lays down on her lap it's just so sweet.
  4. "The Fight" Masters of Sex season 2 episode 4
    A bottle episode like the Mad Men episode. It's great because you get to see what these two characters would be like if they were an actual married couple. Their relationship is so tumultuous that even in the controlled environment of the hotel it is not "boring". You also get a great insight on their past and the juxtaposition with the fight is great!
  5. "Asterion" Masters of Sex season 2 episode 7
    Kind of the opposite of a bottle episode it spans over 2 years and shows the toll on both Masters and Johnson after Masters decides to basically end their work together as punishment. Near the end when Johnson tells Masters she has given every thing to him and doesn't know where she stops and he begins but she needs someone to hold on to when she goes home is just so amazing.
  6. "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" The X-Files" season 3 episode 4
    Darin Morgan is a genius and I love this episode so much. It is funny and heartbreaking at the same time. I like that he is a psychic but doesn't put on a big show. I love that Clyde Bruckman is an insurance salesman and that's his way of using his power for good and that he is constantly seeing death but it still gets to him.
  7. "The Dessert" The Mindy Project season 2 episode 14
    Danny needs Mindy for support and she calls him out on all his shit. I love when Mindy points out when Danny is being selfish. Then he tells her the letter for Cliff and is basically saying what he feels for her. And that kiss at the end is steamy!!