I won't be a true adult until...

At this rate I may never be an adult.
  1. I am able to wear a white coat without getting it dirty.
    I so wish I was Laura Benanti right now. Seriously I didn't sleep tonight because I watched She Loves Me twice then 100 cast interviews.
  2. I stop staying up till 7 in the morning watch cast interviews.
    I do this way more than I should.
  3. I own nude colored heals.
    It just seams like something grown ups have.
  4. I know what a 401k is.
  5. I don't need my parents to make doctors appointments for me.
    My biggest fear is making phone calls I have a panic attack every time I have to make one. The only way I really see this happening is if they can all be made online.
  6. I have my own Netflix and Hulu account.