1. Panel moderator
    I'm not sure if this is an actual profession, but if I could just be there for all the Paley fest panels and talk to the casts and creators I would be pretty satisfied with life.
  2. Hellogigles contributor
    @hellogiggles is my absolute favorite website and I would love to write articles for them. Also I follow them on Snapchat and their office seams so much fun. It would definitely be a dream job.
  3. Buzz feed contributor
    @BuzzFeed also has a lot of fun articles. It would be a lot of list writing which obviously I'm a fan of. Also, I could create quizzes that psycho analyze people and apply it to tv. That would be great!
  4. Creating categories for @netflix
    I don't know if it's a computer or a person doing this right now but they really need some help. I enjoy categorizing things and television and movies. When I'm on Netflix their current categories really stress me out. I need to fix them!!!!!