1. Seltzer water is clear Pepsi
    I'm not sure how this worked but now I prefer setzer water to soda so it all worked out.
  2. Santa left the presents under the tree
    My mom actually tried really hard to not actually lie to us about this. Meaning the time my brother told her not to put presents out if it was her she made my dad do it. Still I'm glad I thought it was Santa and feel no resentment towards her for it.
  3. Really any mythical creature who left things.
    Do I really understand the tooth fairy? No. Did I appreciate the $1.50 for a gross tooth? Yes!
  4. If you go to sleep we will get there faster.
    While this isn't technically true it basically is and now I fall asleep on any road trip I'm not driving. They actually might regret this because now I go to school 4 hours a way and I sleep for most of the ride.