For all the moms and daughters on here because I'm basically just trying to live in a fictional world. Most of mine are from Gilmore Girls because that has informed my relationship with my mom the most but please add your own.
  1. Go to the beach at night then eating hot buttered toast.
    From The Big Big Sea. My mom read this book to me as a kid. It was one of my favorites. When we went to The Outer Banks we recreated it. It doesn't have to be the ocean though any body of water will do. This is best when the daughter is young.
  2. A spontaneous road trip.
    From Gilmore Girls. I've done this with my mom a few time. I've also gone on some with my dad and brother. In fact one time we ended up at a college. They don't have to be a whole weekend they can also just be a day trip whatever you have time for. They are super fun and adventurous without being dangerous and easier now that their
  3. Celebrate galentine's day.
    From Parks and Rec. Last year my mom and I got massages on February 13th then went out to lunch. It was great! Also celebrating galentine's day when a girl is young teaches her about love beyond romantic love as well as the importance of female friendship.
  4. Play hooky
    From Gilmore Girls. Once in a while deciding to spending some quality time together instead of whatever responsibilities you have for that day is incredibly important.
  5. Balloon dart painting
    From Princess Diaries. I haven't actually done this one but if you can I definitely would. It's creative and seams stress relieving.
  6. Movie night with lots of junk food.
    From Gilmore Girls. This is a Gilmore Girls staple. Mother/Daughter movie nights are the best and the more snacks the better.