Number 1 reason I'm excited about the prospect of a female president.

  1. It all can be traced to 2 Hollywood Reporter round tables I watched earlier this year.
  2. The first is a panel of Tony nominated actors.
  3. Notice the group of 6 white men and Leslie Odom Jr. above?
  4. When asked about diversity on Broadway compared to Hollywood who do you think started talking first?
  5. Zach Levy?
    I mean I love you man but this was not a question for you to answer.
  6. Then at least 3 more white guys jump in to tell their perspective on diversity!
    Here is the link if you want to see for yourself
  7. Why did they think they were the authority on this subject? What type off entitlement has been bread in them so they believe they are the most qualified to talk about diversity?
  8. The fact that they all don't refer straight to Leslie right of the back is so puzzling to me.
  9. Now the second panel.
  10. The round table of Tony Nominated actresses.
  11. It's a little more diverse, still could be more.
  12. But when the same question was asked guess who the first person to talk was?
  13. Cynthia Erivo!
  14. Followed by Lupita Nyong'o!
  15. The other women on this panel listened to what these two women of color had to say about diversity in the entertainment business.
  16. They shook their head yes or made little sounds of agreement and support but for the most part they just listened to the people who knew more about it because they have experienced it.
  17. Lately, I've been seeing a lot about how Hillary Clinton really listens to people.
  18. I've read this in op-eds, news stories, and personal accounts.
  19. All these things talk about how she listens to other people and really try's to understand what they need and how she can help.
  20. The fact that Hillary is a women may have nothing to do with her ability and willingness to listen, but...
  21. when 6 white men and one black man were asked about diversity 4 of the white men felt what they had to say was more important than what the one black man had to say.
  22. When 5 white women and 2 black women were asked about diversity the white women just listened.
  23. The ability to listen is so often overlooked in campaigns, but it's such a vital part of the job.
  24. I want a president who will listen and I know Hillary is our best shot at that this election.