I've gone through this a lot in my head. On one hand I desperately want to be a part of a Hollywood Dynasty on the other hand maybe it's better I'm not.
  1. Pro: breaking in to acting or any thing in that industry has got to be easier.
  2. Con: you will most likely develop a drug problem
  3. Pro: your mom will call Carry Grant to talk to you about said drug problem
    I was watching an interview with Carrie Fisher who said her mom had her talk to Carry Grant when her mom thought she was taking acid. He suggested she took it with a doctor present.
  4. Con: everything in your life would be public knowledge.
  5. Pro: you can blame all your problems on growing up in your parents shadows
  6. Con: your father will likely be absent in your life
  7. Pro: you can reconnect with him when he is old and sick and needs you
    Drew Barrymore and Carrie Fisher both talked about this
  8. Con: it'd be hard to find people who relate to your life.