1. Pro:Working in you pajamas!
  2. Con:Having to explain to everyone that even though it's 1 o'clock and you're still in your pajamas you've already worked 4 hours with no breaks.
  3. Pro: No commute
  4. Con: Having to either work in a very messy space or clean your room.
  5. Pro: Being able to say I want to take a break and watch all the interviews with the new ghostbusters cast.
  6. Con: Having to stay up to midnight doing the work you were supposed to be doing when you decided to watch all those interviews.
    This is what I did today. Hence the late night listing.
  7. Pro: Not having to interact with annoying coworkers.
  8. Con: No one to compliment you on your new hair cut.
  9. Pro: having your dog at work with you.
  10. Con:your dog barking to go outside and you're in the middle of something important.