I've been watching a lot of Last Man on earth lately and here are some questions to think about if you survive the apocalypse. This is if it's like the situation on Last Man on Earth
  1. What would you steal first?
    I'd probably just steel like all of @mindy's clothes including costumes for Mindy Lahiri. Whenever they do those charity auctions I just wish I had money. Next thing I would steel is script because I wouldn't be able to watch tv anymore. I guess all of this is after I steal a car to go get these things.
  2. Live for the now or plan for the future?
    This ones tough but I would probably be Carol in this situation. I'd want a baby and I'd want to build a world it could actually live in. Honestly it be the exact same situation. I'd make a list of all the reasons it would be an awful idea and then say but It's a baby. It's pretty selfish really. I may actually be a horrible person for this.
  3. Where do you live?
    Cinderella's castle at Disney World, duh.
  4. Do you still park in parking spots?
    I'm a pretty big rule follower but I'm bad at parking so it would probably depend on my mood.
  5. What conspiracy do you look into?
    I've watch to much X-Files to not rush and find out if aliens are real.
  6. What do you wear?
    I mean all the clothes I stole from Mindy. But probably mostly sweatpants. I mean who am I trying to impress.
  7. What bucket list things do you do?
    I mean burning stuff like phill seams pretty fun. I think I'd also like act on Broadway stages and hang out at Hollywood studios.
  8. Do you start talking to inanimate objects?
    I do that now. So yeah with in the first hour.