This was the first episode of Gilmore Girls I ever watched. I was probably 10 and had a fever so I didn't remember a lot of the episode the next morning but it left an impression. So much so that I dedicated my pre teens to the show.
  1. It show cases the best couples.
    This is a great Luke/Lorelai episode and a great Rory/Jess. These are the couples I ship the hardest but there time lines don't line up too much. Both sets go on some what forced but incredibly sweet dates and it's fantastic!
  2. Had to make this two points because I wanted two pictures because both couples are so cute.
  3. There is a quirky town event
    And it's the absolute sweetest town event ever! Plus it just gives you a great idea of what this town is.
  4. Sookie and Jackson get engaged.
    This plot line is so adorable! Also, it shows how good ASP is at writing relationship.
  5. You get to see the dynamic between Rory, Lorelai and Emily.
    This relationship is definitely at the core of the show and you really see what it's all about. You get to see what Emily's parenting style was and how Lorelai's is different.
  6. You get this line!