1. Collin Hanks is in it.
    I mean he's cute and aren't we all invested in the continuation of the Hanks' dynasty.
  2. Honestly everyone in it is really funny.
    Seriously everyone is so talented!! It's like a dream cast.
  3. Four mini episodes in each episode.
    This is s really great set up that no show has done before. Instead of interweaving an a plot B plot and c plot each story stands on its own. It actually still allows for a lot of character development but nothing feels like it's being dragged out to long. The episodes go be surprisingly fast and I always want more.
  4. It deals with all stages of life.
    Through the kids stories to new parents all the way to the grandparents everyone's covered.
  5. This family really seams to like each other.
    It's not all bickering like so many family shows. It's not a you can tell deep down they love each other type of family. They are actually kind to each other.
  6. It's CBS's best show.
    If CBS is going to be the most watched network it should at least have good shows and this is a really good show.
  7. They are getting a second season!
    So it won't break your heart when it's over.