I've never actually approached a celebrity in public. I've seen a few but have never actually gone up to any. Here is my basic criteria for a celebrity encounter.
  1. Don't just approach someone because you think they are famous.
    That's just rude. If you see a famous person you should only approach if they are like one of your idols.
  2. You have to know their first and last name.
    If you don't know then you are not a big enough fan to bother them. And you can't look it up you have to know it by heart.
  3. You have to know at least five things they are known for.
    Again you can't look it up. If this doesn't come easy to you then you are not a big enough fan.
  4. If it is known that they specifically don't like to be approached DON'T DO IT.
    If you are a real fan you would know this. If they really don't like people coming up to them then its not going to be an enjoyable experience for either of you and it may ruin that persons for you forever.
  5. Make sure the situation is appropriate.
    Anything particularly private should definitely not be interrupted!!
  6. Don't ask for anything!!
    Just enjoy the experience. Don't ask to take a selfy or if you can pitch an idea you are working on. If you really decide you should go up to this person it should not be about you.
  7. Tell them how much you admire their work.
    That's the point of all this. It's an opportunity to express your appreciation and to share how they inspire you.
  8. Don't draw attention!!!!!
    Just because you recognized them doesn't mean other people have. Especially because you are such a super fan. So don't point or even talk loud. Other people may start swarming and no body wants that. The whole thing should be quick and not interrupt anyone's day too much.
  9. BONUS people I would approach:
  10. Mindy Kailing
    I mean I think most people on the list app are pretty big fans of @mindy. She is one of the people I most admire so it would be hard for me to resist not going over. Of course I did meet her at a book signing once and all I could say was thank you over and over again so I'm not sure how articulate I would be.
  11. Amy Poehler
    Again huge inspiration to me. I love Parks and Rec and love her book!
  12. Amy Sherman-Paladino
    Gilmore Girls has Influenced my life so much and really was my first obsession!
  13. B.J. Novak
    I'm a huge fan of @bjnovak's television writing as well as his books! And of course I would thank him so much for @list!!