I just finished Masters of Sex in 4 days and am feeling the serious post show blues.
  1. Feeling lost
    Where am I? Is this not the 1960's? I'm so confused!!
  2. Identity crisis
    Who am I if I'm not watching this show? What am I doing with my life? I will never do any thing as good as this show.
  3. Confusion
    What do I do now? My life has been this show and this show only? Am I just supposed to like do my homework or take a shower or eat or all the other things I haven't had time for?
  4. Hunger
    I haven't had time to eat but it was all okay the show had gave me all the power I needed now I can feel the huge emptiness of me stomach. Just like the emptiness in my heart😭
  5. Longing
    The new seasons comes out in July I can't wait. I just need to skip till then. I don't care what in my life I miss it will be worth it I just know.
  6. Fear
    Do I have to go out and interact with people now? Do I have to stop procrastinating and actually do work? What if I die before the new season comes out?
  7. Self psycho analyst
    Wow I am really spiraling right now. What does that say about me? Am I not a whole enough person to live beyond this show? Am I seriously screwed up? Should I be in therapy?
  8. Resolution
    I found a new show my life is complete again... for now.