1. Seltzer water
    My mom had to send my 4 boxes with Amazon pantry. Then I had to carry it from the mailroom. My arms are bruised.
  2. Chocolate
    My mom also sent me chocolate for Valentine's Day I've eaten way to much.
  3. Any baked good
    My family always sends me back to school with a ton of baked goods and I eat them all its bad. And I'm not just talking about my parents it's them, my cousin, and both grandparents. They are huge enablers!
  4. Television/Netflix
    Sometimes when I'm way from Netflix it's the only thing I can think about. I'll relate everything I hear back to whatever show I'm watching.
  5. My phone
    In class it's the worse I'm reaching for my phone constantly with no reason. I sometimes justify it as checking the time but even when there is a clock I do it.