1. Her and Adam Sandler have amazing chemistry
    This is like a no brainer but like really The Wedding Singer makes me cry because they are both just so sweet
  2. Her best friend is Jimmy Fallon's wife that's so cool
    Like I just want to hang out with all of them or even just babysit their kids while they go on a double date.
  3. She's had a really interesting life
    She was living by herself at age 14 after battling addiction. I'm almost 20 and I can barely make Kraft Mac and Cheese and the hardest thing I've had to overcome was like a 20 page paper my senior year.
  4. I really want to read her book.
    I think my mom got it for me for Christmas already so I have to wait a while but I'm really excited!
  5. As a kid she looked a lot like my mom did.
    Also I look a lot like my mom and I think we all have similar round faces. I hope this means I will look like Drew Barrymore when I'm 40. I'm to close to the situation to have a good perspective on the likelihood of this.
  6. Also 7 year old Drew Barrymore talks a lot like my cousin did at that age.
  7. Last but not least it's really cool that she actually gave me advice once!!
    One of my cousins is a pilot for Walmart and he flew her once. He knows I want to be in the film industry so he asked her for advice for me!!! He also said she was super nice so!!!!!!