@kelseyroot asked me to write this awhile ago but I was on one of the breaks I mentioned. I am on season 5. I don't think there are any huge spoilers but if you are a stickler on those things I would precede with caution.
  1. I ship CJ and Danny real hard!
  2. Also Josh and Donna
    "If you were in an accident I wouldn't stop for red lights." I was sold!!
  3. Ainsley Hayes makes me question everything!
    Her speech on the era has seriously fucked with my head. Why should there be an extra law saying women should have rights when the law says ALL citizens have equal rights. I'm a citizen. Being a women doesn't make me less of a citizen. Here is a crapy quality video incase you need a refresher on what I'm talking about:
  4. So like what exactly is Josh's job?
    Like I think I get everyone else's but I still can't figure out what Josh does and I'm on season 5.
  5. If Sorkin ran for president I would vote for him no questions asked.
    I mean I know where he stands. Also, his characters always do there best but they know what needs to be done.
  6. President Bartlet's face can get really red
    I tried to find a picture and couldn't but trust me it gets red!!
  7. If I was in the West Wing I would definitely be Sam.
    I pretty much always agree with Sam. I would make decisions based on the humanitarian bases like he does. He is such a good person or I'm just incredible attracted to young Rob Lowe. Probably both. I miss Sam :(
  8. I get super upset when President Bartlet and Abby fight.
    I've had to take long breaks when they do. I know I should just power through but I can't take it.
  9. I've had a lot more thoughts but these are the ones I can remember.