1. I produce audio books for a small publishing company
  2. It's a really great job and I've always thought my boss is awesome.
  3. However, I just finished working a crazy week.
  4. I was working with authors from out of town and we only had a limited time to get a lot of work done.
  5. So I was staying up real late and getting up early with pretty much no breaks to get it all done in time.
  6. Of course I was getting payed for this and I'm passionate about the work but this was a lot for me.
  7. My boss and I didn't realize how much work we had signed up for when we agreed to this. We have learned our lesson.
  8. During this week of crazy amounts of work I had mentioned to my boss that I wanted to get Hamilton tickets for my brother and I for his graduation but the price was a little too steep.
  9. I was just making conversation. She is a friend of my moms as well and knows my brother so it's not an unusual thing for us to talk about.
  10. Today we had lunch to go over what we will do differently next time.
  11. She had an envelope with the money to cover the tickets!!!!!!
    She tried to buy them but couldn't find the right place.
  12. I didn't know what to say.
  13. She really didn't need to do that.
    That's what I said like a ton of times. That and thank you
  14. So yea my boss is the absolute best!!!!! I couldn't ask for a better one!!!