To help @TVAddict and everyone who wants to catch up on X-Files before the reboot in January.
  1. 1x1: Pilot
    A very solid pilot and obviously sets the whole thing in motion.
  2. 1x2: Deep Throat
  3. 1x8: Ice
  4. 1x10: Fallen Angel
  5. 1x13: Beyond the Sea
    First Sully centered episode. Very important.
  6. 1x24: The Erlenmeyer Flask
  7. 2x1: Little Green Men
  8. 2x5: Duane Barry
    The beginning of the Mythology.
  9. 2x6: Ascension
  10. 2x8: One Breath
  11. 2x16: Colony
    They mention Syracuse my hometown in this!!! Also it progresses the mythological.
  12. 2x17: End Game
  13. 2x20: Humbug
    First Darin Morgan episode!!!
  14. 2x25: Anasazi
  15. 3x1: The Blessing Way
  16. 3x2: Paper Clip
  17. 3x4: Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
    My favorite episode!
  18. 3x9: Nisei
  19. 3x10: 731
  20. 3x15: Piper Maru
    Fun fact: Named after Gillian Anderson's daughters.
  21. 3x16: Apocryphya
  22. 3x20: Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space
    Last Darin Morgan Episode :(
  23. 3x22: Quagmire
    The one with the conversation on the rock
  24. 3x24: Talitha Cumi
  25. 4x1: Herrenvolk
  26. 4x2: Home
    Creepiest episode you will ever see!
  27. 4x5: The Field Where I Died
    Glen Morgan wrote this for his wife it's really sweet.
  28. 4x7: Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man
  29. 4x8: Tunguska
  30. 4x9: Terma
  31. 4:10: Paper Hearts
  32. 4x12: Leonard Betts
  33. 4x13: Never Again
    This episode gives me super mixed feelings but you should probably watch it. Also it was supposed to go before Leonard Betts when they shot it. Just somethings to think about.
  34. 4x14: Memento Mori
  35. 4x17: Tempus Fugit
  36. 4x18: Max
  37. 4x24: Gethsemane
  38. 5x1: Redux: Part 1
  39. 5x2: Redux: Part 2
  40. 5x5: The Post Modern Prometeus
  41. 5x6: Christmas Carol
  42. 5x7: Emily
  43. 5x12: Bad Blood
    Great Vince Gilligan episode! Also Gillian Anderson's favorite episode.
  44. 5x13: Patient X
  45. 5x14: The Red and the Black
  46. 5x20: The End
  47. The X Files movie
    The 98 one not I Want to Believe
  48. 6x1: The Beginning
  49. 6x3: Triangle
  50. 6x4: Dreamland: Part 1
  51. 6x5: Dreamland: Part 2
  52. 6x6: How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
    Great bottle episode! I really love bottle episodes!
  53. 6x11: Two Fathers
  54. 6x12: One Son
  55. 6x14: Monday
  56. 6x15: Arcadia
    Great episode for any Mulder/Scully shippers.
  57. 6x18: Milagros
    Great Scully Centric episode.
  58. 6x22: Biogenesis
  59. 7x1: The Sixth Extinction: Part 1
  60. 7x2: The Sixth Extinction: Part 2
  61. 7x4: Millennium
    Again for the shippers out there.
  62. 7x15: En Ami
  63. 7x17: All Things
    Gillian Anderson's Directorial debut. She also Wrote the episode.
  64. 7x22: Requiem
  65. 8x1: Within
  66. 8x2: Without
  67. 8x13: Per Manum
  68. 8x14: This is Not Happening
  69. 8x15: Deadalive
  70. 8x16: Three Words
  71. 8x20: Essence
  72. 8:21: Existence
  73. 9 is not very good but there are a few you should see.
  74. 9x16: William
    David Duchovny wrote and directed this even though he wasn't in it.
  75. 9x19: The Truth
  76. I know it's still a lot but hopefully this helps
  77. Tried to get all the mythology in and the more notable episodes.
  78. It's less that half as long as if you watched the whole thing.