Best advice I've ever received

All the best advice I've ever received comes from my grandfather.
  1. Sometimes you have to hit the bunny
    My grandpa gave me this advice when teaching me to drive when I was 17. I've never forgotten it, and luckily never had to sacrifice any bunnies either. But you can imagine what kind of driver I was at 17 that he felt compelled to advise I murder any small mammals necessary to save myself and the other humans on the road.
  2. In life, you can always, always, always start over
    My grandpa said this to me when I had just discovered that I had accidentally deleted an essay about the history of pianos that I hadn't yet submitted to one of my first year undergrad classes. I drove to his house in a hysterical panic to see if there was still a draft on his PC (there wasn't), and when I got there he came out onto the driveway and gave me a hug and told me this important fact.
  3. Never, ever, ever give up.
    My grandpa, quoting Winston Churchill, trying to convince me of anything. He's a major history buff and his favourite subject is WWII.