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  1. Toilets flooding your bathroom
  1. Seth Macfarlane
    If you didn't know already, the guy behind Family Guy is a phenomenal vocalist. He currently has three albums out. The most recent, "No One Ever Tells You," was released this September. If you enjoy sultry jazz, you'll love this shit.
  2. The Weeknd
    Like every other person between ages 13 and 35, I'm thoroughly enjoying his infectious songs. I'm usually listening to him with the windows down, which results in my receiving awkward stares and silent judgments (usually about my white-girl dance moves).
  3. Queen
    I'm ALWAYS into Queen.
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  1. McDonalds
    Ages 6-10. Happy Meal consisting of chicken nuggets, a small order of French fries, a small Coca-Cola, and whatever magical plastic toy was provided. This was a novelty. I'd only get this once a month when my mom went to get her hair colored. I always thought about it. I dreamed about it. I couldn't wait for Saturday afternoons in Wakefield, Massachusetts.
  2. Bruegger's Bagels
    Ages 10-13. Downtown was littered with little bakeries, unbelievably expensive boutiques, and weird hippy-esque shops where I could buy posters from the 70's. I was finally allowed to venture downtown after school with my friends. We would get free (yes, FREE) cups of water and plain bagels with half strawberry/half original cream cheese. They also sold day old bagels for half price. They sucked, but I indulged on the reg (regular).
  3. Friendly's
    Ages 13-16. Obsessed. Still reasonably obsessed and mildly nostalgic because I'm pretty sure a lot of their locations have been shut down. Chicken strips entrée with French fries and BBQ sauce, NOT ketchup. Then I got to build my own one scoop sundae. Vanilla ice cream (because you can flavor it with ANYTHING) an insane amount of gummy bears (that I'd try to swallow whole to prove I didn't need to chew for some reason) and a cherry on top. God, that sounds good...
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31 1/2 sneezes from 10/11/15 - 10/17/14. It's incredible my eyes didn't pop out of my head at some point.
  1. Sunday
    Rough start. Racked up a grand total of 10.
  2. Monday
  3. Tuesday
    2 1/2 (least amount of sneezes all week!)
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  1. Jennifer Lawrence
  2. Amy Poehler
  3. Paul Rudd
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  1. Paper
    Typically in printers and in trash bins
  2. Gum
    Both packaged and chewed
  3. Calendars
    All blank
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  1. Jan
    From "The Office"
  2. Beyoncé
    Yes, Beyoncé
  3. Big Bird
    Beak and all
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  1. Dog, Age 3
  2. Astronaut, Age 5
  3. Nurse, Age 6
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