1. Seth Macfarlane
    If you didn't know already, the guy behind Family Guy is a phenomenal vocalist. He currently has three albums out. The most recent, "No One Ever Tells You," was released this September. If you enjoy sultry jazz, you'll love this shit.
  2. The Weeknd
    Like every other person between ages 13 and 35, I'm thoroughly enjoying his infectious songs. I'm usually listening to him with the windows down, which results in my receiving awkward stares and silent judgments (usually about my white-girl dance moves).
  3. Queen
    I'm ALWAYS into Queen.
  4. Eminem
    The old stuff like The Real Slim Shady. He's the realest.
  5. Classical Music
    Recently purchased "The 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music" album performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and it is simply magical. This album is solely responsible for the change in my GPA and IQ, I'm assuming both have improved.
  6. Hanson
    No, they didn't Mmmbop into nothingness. They didn't Mmmdisappear forever. That one didn't work. In fact, since 1997 Hanson has released 6 studio albums, various singles, and live performance collections. They have easily remained my favorite band since I was 5-years-old. I will fangirl forever. Their most recent album, "Anthem," was released in 2013 (and I'm pretty sure there is another in the works). Seriously, you'll forget Mmmbop when you hear their new stuff. Fantastic.
  7. G. Love & Special Sauce
    When I need to feel good, I immediately hit up my man G. Love. I can never be in a sour mood.
  8. Fleetwood Mac
    For me, timeless. Every Monday I play "Monday Morning" while driving into work. It'll start your week off on a good note.