April's List About April In April

In honor of the end of the best month of the year. (Inspired by my roommate's doodles in my planner)
  1. April Ludgate-Dwyer is my role model and here's why:
  2. She's totally badass.
  3. She doesn't take shit from anyone.
  4. She's not ashamed of who she is.
  5. When she really wants something, she goes for it.
  6. April and Andy are by far the best couple on TV.
    Yes, I mean better than Jim and Pam. Bite me.
  7. But she doesn't let anyone, not even Andy, define her.
    She is who she is, and everyone else just has to deal.
  8. She gets it.
  9. She knows what's important in life (dogs).
  10. But she also knows how to show love and appreciation to the important humans in her life.
  11. Her dry wit is the kind that makes you laugh and feel extremely uncomfortable at the same time.
    The best kind, in my opinion.
  12. Sometimes she can be a little closed off.
  13. But it just makes those moments when you get a glimpse into her soft side even more special.
  14. In other words, Aprils are awesome and we're going to take over the world, k bye!