Live listing my dogsitting adventures

Because what is social media for if not for puppy pictures
  1. My friend has an 8-week-old puppy that can't be left alone, so I'm watching him while she's at work
  2. If I could do this for a living I would
  3. But honestly, I would also just do it for free
  4. There's a lot of biting and humping going on, but one look at me with his puppy eyes and all is forgiven
  5. He keeps going through phases of extreme playfulness and then extreme tiredness
    As you can see, he's currently napping so deeply that he's making tiny dreaming noises
  6. I poked him to see if he would wake up and he did and now I feel terrible
  7. But he instantly fell back asleep, so everything's fine
  8. I'm now watching TV right next to his head and he has yet to notice
  10. The pup has awoken
  11. It looks like he hates me but I swear we're best friends
  13. This is what happens when you wear a dress around a puppy
  14. Help
  15. Getting some fresh air