As an introvert, I spend a good 40 minutes thinking about going before I go.
  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. I don't NEED to go.
  3. I'm not going, I don't owe these people anything.
  4. I'll just be miserable, I'm doing them a favor by staying home.
  5. I'll tell them I feel sick.
  6. No, I'll tell them I have homework.
  7. No, I'll tell them I got hit by a bus.
  8. No, I'll tell them my mom is in the hospital.
  9. No, I've watched too many sitcoms to believe that'll work.
  10. But what if they hate me for not coming and I lose all my friends
  11. Maybe I'll regret not going
  12. But, my bed.
  13. No! Don't think about your bed! Let me see who else is going.
  14. Oh a friend from high school, I can attach myself to them for the whole night.
  15. Ok I'll go, but I'm not doing anything for at least three days.