Huge shoutout to @michelle for babys first ever list request 😭😭
  1. Drink
    A fourth of my mom's wine cooler when I was five. My Mom was horrified when I discovered I could not distinguish the taste of the wine cooler from a Capri Sun and did not let me drink in front of her until my 21st birthday.
  2. Album
    3LW's self titled. I was 7, we were in Sam's Club and I told my father if he didn't buy it for me he didn't really love me.
  3. Concert
    Lady Gaga, we were front row and some of the fake blood that was squirting from her breasts got on my dress. It was everything.
  4. Time out the country
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    I was selected to attend NU's campus in Doha, Qatar (chaperoned by @caffrin) when I was 19 for spring break. My mother was horrified, I got a sinus infection immediately after landing and ate an entire leg of lamb by myself.
  5. Swear word
    A boy I liked in sixth grade shoved past me while we were getting off the bus. The phrase "FUCK YOU" unexpectedly escaped my innocent, Christian lips and he immediately declared his love for me.
  6. Job
    Bruegger's Bagels in Plymouth, Minnesota. I started the day after my sixteenth birthday and gained 10 lbs in breakfast bagel weight that summer.
  7. Celebrity Crush
    Edward Norton literally don't ask