Sometimes people need to be reminded of things they simply are not authorized to do
  1. Is cut me in line and then trap me in your fart cloud
  2. Is tell me something is sold out when I know you have some in the back
  3. Is try to tell me how to live my life without me explictly asking you to
  4. Is be mean to gays
  5. Is mention my hair or how I wear beanies four days a week because being black is v hard
  6. Is donate to a racist's IndieGogo fund
  7. Is try to out-do me when I'm talking about how stressed out I am
  8. Is ask me "my plan for next year" when I graduate from college in three weeks and have no fucking clue
  9. Is say anything bad about Hilary Duff in front of me
  10. Is say anything good about Tyler Perry in front of me
  11. Is talk about pizza and have the nerve to bring up cauliflower crust