1. Hilary Duff was a guest on TRL to promote her new album
    I sprinted home after school (jr high) to catch it because, as you know, Duff is life
  2. And just as a VJ ( I wanna say Damien Fahey?) was about to intro her performance they got breaking news
  3. "This just in," the VJ exclaimed, his neon Nike air forces planted firmly on the floor. "Anna Nicole Smith has died."
  4. Audible gasps. One loud immediate sob. Then 30 seconds of stunned silence.
  5. "And now, performing 'With Love'...Hilary Duff?"
    Like he actually had inflection at the end of the statement to indicate uncertainty
  6. She took the (oddly small, circular) stage and started performing, visibly shaken
  7. Some of her background dancers body rolled with tears in their eyes
  8. When it was over there was scattered applause, undoubtedly due to the flashing "APPLAUSE" signs off camera and the desperate pleas of the producers
  9. Then they cut to commercial and Suchin Pak on MTV news took over the station for the rest of the night
  10. ....
  11. Does anyone else remember this shit?