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  1. A few weeks back, the cast of the movie "Suffragette" did a photoshoot in these shirts. These shirts were designed, produced, approved by execs and a marketing team, and worn proudly by arguably the most famous white woman in the world in a professional shoot. No one saw any issue with it until women of color saw the photos on social media.
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    I don't understand why this is a thing that needs explaining, but white ladies, PLEASE, do not compare your struggles to slavery. Even if the quote stems from a moment of historical importance, it undermines the struggles of our ancestors (which we still feel on a daily basis). Especially, don't do it to promote your film with an all-white cast that actively minimizes the contributions of women of color to the fight for voting rights. Like, please, just...don't.
  2. We all saw this happen at the Oscars this year and goddamn it, Patricia. I was rooting for you. ICYMI, she said this RE: wage equality: "We have fought for everybody else's equal rights. It's our time to have wage equality once and for all."
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    This falls under the "probably well meaning but horrendously misguided" category of white feminism. I sometimes forget that this type of ignorance truly exists. With this statement, she basically asks all marginalized groups to take a seat in their fights and focus on helping white women earn that extra quarter per hour. It suggests that all white women have been influential in making social progress for others, which simply is not true. For funzies, google "white supremacy and women's rights"!
  3. This year to celebrate Women's Equality Day, Facebook showcased their ignorance! Somethings a little bit off with this delightful graphic they shared that day. Can you guess what????
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    The line "On Aug 26, 1920, women achieved the right to vote in the U.S." accompanied the graphic, which is historically inaccurate. White women got that right that day, and if you've seen Selma then you know, black women weren't extended the same courtesy until much, much later. Including multicultural women in the graphic shows a lack of historical knowledge and a general thirstiness to get on the diversity bandwagon for branding purposes. This was everywhere and maddening that day, so...
  4. So a black girl on the internet fixed it!
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  5. This week, Ellen aired a sketch about the upcoming sitcom based on Nicki Minaj's life, and it basically turned out like a minstrel show. All the jokes had to do with the size of Nicki's ass, and it came off as tasteless, racist, and mean. This should have been a time to celebrate Nicki and all her accomplishments but instead, she ridiculed her.
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    Black peoples bodies do not exist for your entertainment (or your inspiration and subsequent theft, Kylie Jenner). They exist for us to live in, and every time white women pull a stunt like this, the lack of respect we receive and understanding you have becomes abundantly clear. We refuse to be the butt of your shitty jokes any longer.
  6. When Nicki spoke out about how black women's bodies are less valued than white women's bodies, Taylor Swift responded with "its not like you to pit women against each other" and even had the audacity to invite Nicki on stage if she won the award Nicki was not nominated for.
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    Though Taylor later apologized for this offline, it was indicative of an all too prevalent issue in feminism. Calling out misogynoir (racism ➕ sexism) does not make us anti girl power. When women of color are expressing a wrongdoing that is unique to our experience, close your mouth and listen. We have no obligation to vent nicely or to avoid calling out injustices because "women need to support women". I can have girl power and still stand up for myself, and its your job to support me.
  7. I am a womanist, which means I'm a feminist who acknowledges that women's issues are different and complex when it comes to women of color. All of these instances are a very big deal to me. For me, equality means equality for everyone. Not for white women right now and then maybe women of color down the line if we get to it.
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    There are no "feminist triumphs" without women of color. There is no freedom until we all are free.
  8. Things can only get better if you educate yourselves, and I believe you can if you have a passion to do so. Just keepin' it 💯.
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