I'm not done with this year yet so pretty please ➕
  1. Power through senioritis and try a challenging class
  2. Drop that shit if it brings you no joy/potential for making you better
  3. Mentor a vulnerable looking freshman or sophomore
  4. Excel in your leadership roles and make a lasting difference in your organizations if you feel so inclined
  5. Remember its not too late to make new friends you're 22 duh
  6. Allow yourself to cry because change is scary
  7. Plan a stereotypical spring break, even if you're a huge prude - it will be just like season 4 of gilmore girls trust me
  8. Be genuinely happy for your friends' success
  9. Find a funny/non-stressful way of answering the God-awful question "what are you doing next year?"
  10. Go to all the buildings you never went to and look around
  11. Let yourself be in the moment while still being sentimental
  12. Reject the notion that your best years are behind you, you're only 22!