1. Many lesbians with disposable income
  2. Infinity pools that are simply too much
  3. Wanting "room for the dogs to just be free"
  4. The house hunters' fake careers
    "I'm a cake consultant, and she's an international party curator "
  5. Getting a peak into the couple's often strained relationship
  6. When it's clearly a mail order bride situation
  7. When the wife hates a house because of the countertops and the husbands like "we can change that" and she just ignores him
  8. When a husband hates the house because theres no yard or mancave/opportunity to escape his overbearing partner
  9. When the real estate agent tries to shade the couple but comes off shadier than they anticipated and immediately becomes apologetic
  10. Counting how many times two overprivileged white people can say "open floor plan"
  11. Wife clearly unhappy at the three month check in
  12. Also at the three month check in, small signs that the children have drawn on the white walls and rubbed mustard into the cream carpet