1. Bringing up your deepest insecurity in the middle of a fight
  2. Getting every last sliver of food out a jar
  3. Getting out of apologizing
  4. Eye contact as a power move
  5. Getting your Mom to like me
    In case it will come in handy later
  6. Thinking of a way to mock you before you've even finished your sentence
  7. Create-A-Sim
  8. Knowing your heart in a way that is so deep and profound you are constantly terrified of what I will do with it
  9. Whistling Toxic by Britney Spears
  10. Remembering everything you told me when you thought I wasn't listening
  11. Guessing the third act resolution of a sitcom
  12. Making you love me
  13. Making you hate me
  14. Making fried oreos
  15. Loving your dark side
  16. Avoiding the truth
  17. Eating my feelings
  18. Driving really slow
  19. Holding newborns
  20. Diffusing conflict
  21. Creating conflict
  22. Control
    Asserting, not self
  23. Loyalty
  24. Skincare
  25. Remembering the sound of your voice even though its been years
  26. Holding a grudge
  27. Making you feel so small
  28. Making you feel so big
  29. Serving up a smokey eye and a dark lip that makes you want to evaporate cause you can't take how good I look
  30. Forgetting you existed
  31. Working a crop top in a size 16
  32. Just looking at you and already knowing
  33. Reading
    All kinds
  34. Slaying
  35. Thinking
  36. Being
  37. Eating your food and then convincing you that you ate it and forgot