1. The sense of wonder
    At the end of the day, we all were just born, you know? We're just finding out what things like systematic oppression, or HPV, or succulents even are. Everythings brand new.
  2. How sometimes people hand me a slice of pizza and I just accept it without question
  3. My really cool bedroom
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    All my posters and scarves and Yankee candles are finally arranged just the way I like it and now I have to take it all down 😭
  4. Having questions about the world and taking the time to really think critically about them
  5. Living with/near my very best friends
  6. The notion that my whole life is in front of me
  7. Having such good financial aid I can pay my cable bill with it
  8. Free waterbottles
  9. Entertaining the notion that all problems are solvable
  10. Discovering aspects of my personality I never even knew existed
    I'm resentful; who knew!
  11. The resilient spirit of activism on my campus
  12. Being surrounded by people who piss me off, make me laugh, and challenge me intellectually, all at the same time
  13. How much people just want to help me
    One of the most shocking things about being a college student is how invested random adults have become in me. So many people encourage me, give me advice and genuinely want me to succeed for no other reason than because I am young and driven. It's so moving.
  14. Making my Mother proud in such a tangible way
  15. Having the space/privilege/freedom to spend four years doing nothing but working on becoming a better person
  16. Student discounts 😔
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