These all infuriate me to no end. Though it may seem small, imagine being actively erased from every facet of modern life. It takes a real toll and it won't change until we all pay attention.
  1. Have you ever seen a black hand model portrait in a beauty salon? No? Wonder why that is?
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  2. You know how when you need "nude" undies and you're white, they magically match your skintone? Until very recently, this wasn't a thing for most people of color.
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  3. Up and coming "Brooklynites" on one of my fave shows. Interesting???? Are you sure??????
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  4. Try V hard to find an asian face! Bet you can't!!!!!
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  5. Why are RHs segregated by race? Are there no wealthy women of color in NYC?
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  6. Read up on this controversey on Vulture:
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    This is a big deal. If you watch a film with two or more black leads on Netflix, they will undoubtedly recommend the same 7-9 movies with black leads, regardless of the genre of the film you just watched. I know this from personal experience. I watched Beyond the Lights, an elegant romantic drama about the perils of fame and mental illness. They recommended 35 and ticking (an odd rom com with kevin hart pre-fame) and a film called Mama's Foot. Its racist as fuck.
  7. Add your own because I'm sure you've seen some real shit
  8. Many cosmetic companies are clearly exclusively for white or Asian skin.
    I used to work for Chanel and it was embarrassing to represent a company who's darkest foundation was not even close to a fairer skinned black woman's complexion.
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  9. Not that it matters anymore, but in 31 seasons and hundreds of players, The Real World has never cast a full Asian male. //Long story, but I was supposed to be MTV's first Asian male VJ, and then they said AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT
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  10. When faux feminists lose their shit on ad campaign's like Vimeo's here. Yet I have yet to spot ONE woc in it
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  11. Ethnic cuisine is always suppose to be "cheap" to eat.
    Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Soul Food, Mexican, Cuban, Indian. All "cheap eats". The minute a chef tries to open up an "upscale" ethnic restaurant the yelpers come out in droves and start complaining how expensive it is. I guess only white folks can have white table clothes and charge premium prices?
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  12. All my magazine sample makeup is for white people! Black folks read Cosmo too!
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