1. On Tuesday this week I started my first real job, an awesome marketing gig at a local nonprofit
  2. The job was a blessing because it was a means to an end; a way to save a good amount money before I could make the move to LA and start my career getting lunch orders and manipulating people into reading my pilots
  3. On Wednesday I got an email from a showrunner asking me to be his assistant on his new Netflix series
    shoutout to @8on for always holding it down for a bitch I got you son
  4. And to start in like twelve days
  5. lolololoololol
  6. Insert the thing about your plans and God's lawls
  7. I have no car no place to live and no fucking clue
  8. So ListApp, holler at me if:
  9. You know someone (who is not inclined to theft or murder) who needs a roommate stat
  10. You know someone leasing a studio apt with very few rats/bedbugs/ghosts
  11. You will get California Pita with me and listen to me complain about sweating (aka be my IRL LA friend)
  12. You have suggestions for how to approach my very kind boss about quitting this very nice nonprofit job with full benefits and paid holidays
  13. You have suggestions for how not to miss the fuck out of my family when I planned to have much more time cherishing them 😔
  14. You have tips for where I can get my hair braided on the cheap in LA because I have natural hair and STUDENT LOANS
  15. Omg
  16. Yghhjbndbe
  17. Thanks guys ❤️❤️❤️
  18. UPDATE: WHY THE HELL are you people so supportive and perfect??? I realized I told ListApp this story before I told my own father. THATS how I know you are my people. Just thank you 😭😭😭