(So close to my draftmas 10% goal, have we all hit it yet? Lets draft in this bitch)
  1. Black girls getting slept on
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    When this moment happened, I had hope for the first time in a long time that black girls may soon start to get some of the respect we deserve. Lets not regress on this in 2016.
  2. Financial instability
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    If someone could work out a way for all of us to enjoy our youth and also keep the lights on that would be great
  3. Uneducated garbage disposals being LOUD and WRONG
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  4. Thinking white supremacy is cute
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    NEWSFLASH: The shit is no longer cute, like, at all. This container of cream cheese wants to start an all out race war. Promise in 2016 we won't let him.
  5. Not stopping to think about how your content is perpetuating systematic racism
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    Just because you have a word count does not give you permission to produce bullshit kkk propaganda ass headlines like this
  6. Everyone but @shondarhimes forgetting about the crucialness of diversity
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    @videodrew shouldn't ever have to do another one of these interviews again. In 2016 I don't want to hear about any more milestones that should have happened DECADES AGO. This shit is a problem and I want it HANDLED for good this year. No excuses.