1. I look fat lying down/ am fat in general
  2. I don't do enough hard labor
  3. I don't enjoy getting my hair braided thus I am deemed "tender-headed" or lesser
  4. I don't have a boyfriend and she had four kids when she was my age
  5. I am too "Qui" which is Liberian slang for "Americanized"
  6. Though I feel proud of my ability to cook a variety of dishes, thats just not good enough for her
  7. I am not a people person
    The way she describes it, Liberia seems to not have introverts???
  8. I watch shows/listen to podcasts with swear words which she DEPLORES
  9. My butt is "just not right"
    She never expands on this
  10. I keep making her watch "I Am Cait" and she resents my efforts to make her a more tolerant old lady
  11. The fat thing is the biggest one though