Just cuz okay 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭✊🏾
  1. Weeks on List App Beta: 28
  2. Person Who Invited Me: @caffrin
    Queen of my fb messenger and heart 😭😭😭
  3. Number of Lists Written: 59
  4. Number of Drafts Never to See the Light of Day: 59
  5. Number of Lists I've Starred: 570
  6. Number of Relists: 47
  7. My Most Popular List: My Favorite Ways to Reject Sexual Advances
  8. The List I Am Most Proud Of: People Who Received an April Eyeroll This Week
  9. Underdog Fave of My Own Lists: When You Are Fat and Love Yourself
  10. Person I Am Most Proud of Inviting: @hannieshit
    She is a wonderful, kind, eccentric, creative soul and every creative thing she shits out is pure gold, including her lists!!
  11. For your openness and kindness and sense of humor and support and words and emojis and honestly just for being dope as hell
  12. There is so much more to come! I have more venting to do, more embarrassing stories to share, and more sporadic lessons on race. Stay tuned! Can't wait for the future TLA ( - the betasash we all hated)
  13. Oh! Just in case: aprilquioh@gmail.com
    Send me your feels/ the boy you feel felicity should have chosen