Inspired by the highlight of all my tuesdays, the Another Round podcast
  1. Wearing this and watching Gossip Girl
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    Specifically the Dan and Blair arc, on repeat, til my feels disappear ( I WOULD DIE FOR THIS SHIP )
  2. Watching myself cry in the mirror
  3. Eating those feels
    Chicken wings = familial tension, oreos = career-related anxiety, cheeseburgers = bad hair day/ no time to detangle
  4. Staying up until 4am to lightly troll my favorite CW stars
  5. Cutting off most of my hair
    Only did this once, because of a boy but also sort of a moment of feminism?
  6. Lying face down and listening to The Civil Wars for hours
  7. Playing the Sims and crafting elaborate backstories for my sim families
    I currently am playing with an Irish immigrant family with a less-than-monogamous politician mother 😎
  8. Screaming into a pillow
  9. Acting like I'm fine
  10. Taking a steaming hot shower and singing the entire beyoncé self titled album start to finish
    Blow is my fave to sing/cry to, weirdly enough