Mind you its only wednesday
  1. My white peers using the term "articulate" to describe a black woman's keynote
    I'm all out of the patience necessary to explain why they may not
  2. The mainstream media covering Baltimore
    The concept of the casual assault/murder of black women and men as more pressing and an entirely different coversation than a CVS on fire seems fairly simple to grasp?????
  3. Stacey Dash just for speaking publicly
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    You, ma'am, may not
  4. White lady describing my ethnicity as "festive"
    How is me being west african "festive" again??
  5. Raphael on Jane the Virgin
    You literally tried it
  6. The several white men in my classes who have attempted to speak over me
    Once again, you may not
  7. My sister refusing to admit I'm right when I tried to tell her a zebra = horse + donkey
    Pretty sure I'm right on this one