1. You should know
  2. I'm one of THOSE people
    A birthday person who makes a huge deal out of birthdays
  3. And tomorrow I turn 22
  4. Which my mother keeps reminding me is "not a milestone so I should just relax"
  5. Because "I'm graduating from Northwestern in two months"
  6. And she's "already planning a big thing for that and is so proud"
  7. And also because "I made everyone so miserable with all the festivities last year"
  8. But I just can't help it
  9. I think birthdays are so important
  10. A birthday is one day every year that you should just be thankful that you are alive
  11. Because I'm young, black and in America and I'm alive
  12. And I have the opportunity to get an education
  13. A lot of my brothers and sisters did not get to see 22
  14. And I do
  15. Its a huge blessing and I can never forget that
  16. Another thing to remember on your birthday
  17. Is that you should not depend on other people to make you feel special
  18. It is always nice if you have people in your life who will want to make your birthday great
  19. But your birthday is your day to celebrate you
  20. Do what you like and resist people pleasing on this day especially
  21. I've had stay in my pajamas, order take out and play The Sims birthdays
    Because I love all these things
  22. I've also had binge drinking birthdays
  23. All that matters is that you honor you on your special day
  24. And you remember how incredible it is
  25. That you are alive ☺️