Thank God this condition is not at all serious in my case I'm just a huge drama queen and v neurotic enjoy 😘
  1. A few months ago I was bored at work. My home clinic has recently transferred all medical records online and they are available to patients 24/7.
    This is low key a horrible idea
  2. So, bored and with internet access, I decided to plow through my past with reckless abandon
  3. The first few (of the total 19) pages were as expected - african american female born with a highly sought after blood type to a healthy mother in 1993
  4. However, on page 15, things got a little weird
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  5. Since the doctor alluded to it as an "abnormality", I freaked out. What is a cervical rib? How common is it? Why are there bones in my body that I don't know about?
  6. I'm 22 so naturally, I documented my spiral on Snapchat
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  9. Then my confrontational nature kicked in
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  10. Here's the crazy part. I called my Mom and asked her pointblank if she knew about it. She paused. She audibly gulped. "April, I never wanted you to find out this way."
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  11. She said she found out about it when I was five and vowed to never tell me because she "knew how neurotic I was and didn't want to make me feel weird or different" and she knew it wasn't serious
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  12. So then I started feeling ridiculous because that is exactly what happened, in addition to the immediate onset of extreme paranoia. Like how was I already this neurotic/distrustful at 5???
  13. My mama apologized and said that was "the last secret she was keeping from me" which is suspect but I'm just gonna let that go
  14. So here I am today. Acceptance is key, my friends. Also there are def more than 13 ribs in a ribcage right??
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