An ode to my big sis
  1. Is dumb
  2. But this is a safe space
  3. And it comes up alot
  4. Especially during the month of April
  5. So many assume I am named April because I was born in April
    And I'm always like "why are you even thinkin about it so hard bro"
  6. Which both my mother and I find offensive
    Shes not basic how rude
  7. In reality, my sister was 10 when my Mom found out she was preggo with me
  8. And my parents didn't want her to feel left out
  9. So they let my sister name me
  10. Remember she was 10 and her parents are letting her name a human being
  11. And her favorite show was Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles
  12. And there is a character named April O'Neil
  13. So
  14. Her
  15. Me
  16. Us