Aka chicago for the matte-lipped food slut
  1. Breakfast at a Yolk
    You're on the hunt for a standout pancake and this is the place to get one, plus they have cute decor and an outstanding juice selection
  2. Fight strangers for wide width high heels at Nordstrom Rack on State Street
    Because not everyone deserves to be phresh on a budget but you do
  3. Pie 4 Lunch at Bang Bang Pie
    Eat Key Lime Pie at noon and get in a staring contest with an oddly dressed hipster
  4. Selfies at Millenium Park
    Chin down and find your light, sweetheart. If you're lucky, you might be able to photobomb a quinceanera photoshoot. Score!
  5. Dinner at Au Cheval
    Wait two hours outside this too-snooty-to-take-reservations hotspot to eat the fanciest cheeseburger of your life. Lick the grease off your plate when you're done because you fucking earned it
  6. Second City and then the Fudge Shop around the corner
    Laugh demurely and then fill your mouthhole with a gladiator sandal made entirely of milk chocolate
  7. Drinks at Three Dots and a Dash
    Tiki drinks, plus the DJ does Beyonce/Bob Marley mashups, yaaas
  8. Drinks again at The Violet Hour
    Be mysterious, wear a dark lip, tip well, and order the most pretentiously named cocktail available
  9. Oreo McFlurry at the Rock'n'Roll McD's
    This place is 24 hours, the perfect spot for a drunken recap of the night with your girls, and kinda sorta a memorabilia museum. #culturedasfuck