When my brain feels like going there, here's the worst of the worst
  1. A teacher could use my mistake as an example of what NOT to do in front of a class of 30+
    This happened once in third grade and I'm #stillscarred
  2. I could get hit by a car and die never having listened to my grandma's latest voicemail
  3. Someone in this crowd could be a mindreader and hear all my mean thoughts
  4. I could get stuck in this elevator and be forced to pee on myself
  5. My phone could die right before I meet Kerry Washington
  6. My plane could crash and my death could overshadowed because I'm black
  7. I could never have the opportunity to buy my mother a house
  8. All my favorite shows could be cancelled and I could be forced to watch only Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader for like ever