1. Ate pomegranate oatmeal with blueberries and granola for breakfast
    Congratulated self with every bite
  2. Bullshitted a class assignment spectacularly
    The class is "History of K-Pop" at Northwestern University
  3. Convinced my Improv teacher to watch "Last Man on Earth" on Fox
  4. Crafted previous list in aforementioned K-Pop class
  5. This
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  6. Got a subpar pedicure
  7. Went to Marshalls for shoes
  8. Did not find shoes, did find a Yankee Candle at 50% off
  9. Lost my shit in a meeting for a student organization
    For a good reason
  10. Made eggs and did impressions with my roommates
  11. Watched several genuinely thought-provoking BuzzFeed videos
  12. Took my pants off